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Hacienda Lucio

A wonderful place to stay and an unforgettable island experience!

Hacienda Lucio - a place for active vacation

is located on the island of Solta (9 n / m from the mainland, or the city of Split). It is 500 m away; the village of Grohote, the center of the island. The hacienda covers 10,000 m2 and is 700 m away from the sea, surrounded by olive trees, vines, various fruits and a large number of Mediterranean herbs.

  • large swimming pool, bicycles, table tennis, basketball, fitness, children's playground with trampoline, golf hole 60 m long, green on artificial grass 100 m2, driving range for three people
  • domestic production: olive oil, essential oils, hydrolates, jams, figs, brandies, liqueurs, ...
  • facilities are fully equipped: IPTV, air conditioning, unlimited Wi-Fi, warm water, ...
  • maximum people on Hacienda Lucio up to 12 - please contact us for more details.
  • july & august: 14 days minimum stay. Other months: 7 days minimum stay. Possible Long time rent - please contact us for more details.
  • pets allowed on request.

Our small production

of home made delis

Extra virgin olive oil Lucio

High quality olive oil has won a number of awards and recognitions.

With olives from our own olive grove, we have produced olive oil whose value and quality has been recognized in competitions around the world from New York to Tokyo.

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Top spreads

rich flavors obtained from hand-picked ripe and fresh fruits.

We produce homemade jams according to traditional recipes without the use of preservatives, flavors and colors of fruits grown in completely natural conditions on our property.

Top aperitifs and desserts

Homemade fruit liqueurs prepared from fresh fruit and brandy-based spices.

We produce homemade liqueurs according to traditional Dalmatian recipes from fruits cultivated in completely natural conditions on the island.

Essential oils - essences of various medicinal plants.

The perfect way to relax and lift your spirits

Pure and natural essential oils obtained by distilling plants from our garden and surroundings.

Essential oils The highest quality plant extract is most often used in aromatherapy for fragrant synergies, aroma lamps, massage oils, natural creams, etc. They have properties which have a great effect on mood, solve some digestive problems, regulate appetite and improve concentration. By adding them to dishes, they enrich them, giving them a more intense and high-quality taste and aroma, taking advantage of all their healing properties.

Hydrolates - flower waters

Natural tonics

In the production of hydrolates, but also essential oils, we use organic plant material without pesticides and chemicals, and clean and unpolluted water.

Explore the island

Find yourself in a little Dalmatian paradise

Island Šolta

The island of Solta is located near Split and Trogir and is often a destination for boaters who start or end charters in one of its bays. However, Solta is much more than a nice place for boaters near Split, it is an island of Illyrian legends, ancient ponds, medieval poetry, rich maritime traditions and increasingly notable oenology and typical Mediterranean gastronomic specialties.

What is the best for today's visitors to Solta is the fact that you can still feel the spirit of the past resting in one of its bays, small towns by the sea or visiting populated areas in the interior of the island.

were the only permanently inhabited points, to make their ports eventually island places, and today small charming nautical centers.

  • Izvor: www.visitsolta.com


Love goes through the stomach says an old proverb. Solta will captivate you at first with its natural beauty and leisure, and it will keep you there and create memories to remember with its own tastes. You will fall in love with the first sip of wine of the autochthonous variety Dobričić, which will create magic when in contact with your palate. The magic of a love story.

Dalmatian cuisine is actually typical Mediterranean cuisine, which means that Dalmatians use a lot of olive oil, herbs, fresh fish and vegetables in the preparation of dishes. Dishes are usually prepared by short cooking, grilling or baking.

People in Dalmatia do not complicate things, neither in life nor in the kitchen. The simplest dishes such as fresh grilled fish and seasoned with just a little quality olive oil, parsley and garlic are often the most delicious dishes you can try with us.

  • Izvor: www.visitsolta.com


In Tatinja Bay you will find several small beaches where you will enjoy the peace and beauty of nature and clean, turquoise sea. She will also be adored by fans of jumping into the sea, since it is possible to jump off rocks. In the middle of the bay there are two cliffs, like two small islands. You can reach it on foot or by bike from Grohot on a gravel road.

Behind Tatinja Bay is Jorja, a bay with one house that can be reached by a rural road. A small pebble beach is suitable for swimming. The bay offers a beautiful view that you will not be able to get enough of.

Zaglav, also called Vela Luka, is a romantic turquoise bay with several stone houses that will captivate you at first sight. It is located 3 km from Grohote. Although it can be reached on foot, the best access is by sea. Beautiful nature, dense pine forest that creates shade and clear sea are idyllic scenes to enjoy.

Stračinska Bay is a real turquoise blue paradise. If you reach it on foot or by bike, you will enjoy the beautiful scene that you will find on a calm sea surface is a few scattered boats. The ideal image that will stay in your memory.

  • Izvor: www.visitsolta.com

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Guest Comments

In short: if you love peace, beautiful nature and love to cook your own food, and especially if you take children, this house will offer you a fantastic vacation! This house is a wonderful place for a quiet holiday near nature.

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May 2018.

Daphne and Mario were amazing hosts and welcomed us fantastically when we arrived. During our stay they were available for questions and gave us valuable advice on restaurants and things to do,...

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August 2016.

Amazing in every way. We spent a wonderful week at Hacienda Lucio (ex. Noah) with our two young children (aged 2 and 4). Lonely with complete privacy. Daphne and Mario were the best imaginable hosts.

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June 2016.

We can warmly recommend this place, I don’t think it could be better than this on Airbnb. :) This place cannot be described in words. Everything is far better in reality than it looks in the photos (yes, it is possible!), ...

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August 2021.

You can’t regret it if you decide to visit the Hacienda. The description is very accurate and the real place even nicer. There are endless peaceful places to find and enjoy privacy. We can warmly recommend it to everyone.

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July 2021.

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